50 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola

17th September 2016

Here at Varooma in our quest to help you save money by making small lifestyle changes, we are always thinking about ways that you can save those pennies by using every day products. Yes our logbook loans can help you out of difficult financial situations but did you know that Coca-Cola can be used for so many things around the house?

We’ve written before about saving money by lifestyle hacking your car but Coca-Cola is something that everyone either has or can get hold of very easily, and it really is amazing what it can do.

What do they put into that stuff? For well over a century, consumers and soda rivals alike have marvelled at the mysteries of Coca-cola – and they haven’t been afraid to put this enduring soft drink to the test. If every drop of Coke produced in its 130 year history was put into an 8-ounce bottle, and those bottles were laid end to end, they would reach the moon and back 2000 times. Crazy? Perhaps. But not as crazy as the alternative uses of this fizzy drink.

Taras Maksimuk decided to create a Coke Jacuzzi by filling his paddling pool with 6,800 litres of the stuff and then adding piles of Mentos and, of course, ice. The carbon dioxide in the Coke mixed with the sugar in the mints made for an explosive reaction technically known as ‘nucleation’.

On September 17th of this year, another vlogger decided to freeze the new iPhone 7 in Coke; the smart phone came through the ordeal remarkably intact. Indeed, from neutralizing jellyfish stings to cleaning your toilet, that enigmatic corn syrup cocktail is useful for a wide range of jobs from the house to the garden to the beach. For the low-down on just how you might make better use than of it than Taras Maksimuk and friends, check out this new infographic of the 50 best alternative uses for Coca Cola – and remember to drink it, or whatever else you choose, responsibly.

50 alternative uses for coca-cola