A Visual Guide to the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

12th April 2016
VW Emissions

In September 2015 the news came out that the car manufacturer Volkswagen had been cheating emissions tests. Vehicles they were producing, which were passing government tests were found to be many times over legal emissions limits.

The scandal shocked the motor industry. Volkswagen is a household name that is respected and trusted. The fact that they knowingly tried to cheat government emissions tests was a big surprise.

The knowledge that software was knowingly developed by the company to detect when the car was being driven under test conditions, which then reduced the emissions, has shown it is likely that people within the company set out to deceive official government tests.

Volkswagen have been quick to try to rectify the situation by repairing the affected cars. This will cost them a lot of money, but perhaps more importantly it has tainted their reputation.

In this infographic we look at what it was that Volkswagen actually did, how they did it, how many cars were affected, and what they have done and are doing to rectify the situation.

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