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The Logistics of Building and Operating the Millennium Falcon

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The recent release of the latest Star Wars movie got us thinking about the logistics of building and operating the Millennium Falcon in real life. Would it be possible to build it? What would it take to actually put it all together? And what sort of costs would be involved?

We did some research and drew up this infographic which breaks it all down. You probably won't be surprised that it would take one huge effort, and the costs would be astronomical.

Logistics of Building and Operating the Millennium Falcon

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The Millennium Falcon may well be part of a movie but that doesn't stop people from imagining what it would actually take to construct it and how the logistics of operating it would work.

It's no surprise that to build it in the world of today would cost an absolute fortune and the process of putting it all together is almost mind boggling. Most of the technology that makes up the real Millennium Falcon doesn't even exist, but in the infographic we have substituted that for the next best thing in the real world.

As you can probably imagine, most of the technology we have that could get as near as possible to what is in the Millennium Falcon is the very latest we have. That also makes it extremely expensive, which just gives an interesting insight into the cost of the Millennium Falcon if it were to be built today.

There is actually someone in Tennessee who is trying to build a life sized model of the Falcon, which has been an ambitious project as you can see. Of course he is not attempting to build a working model which would be impossible with today's technology. It has been fun though to look at doing that theoretically.

How realistic is the technology?

The infographic highlights how far away from having Star Wars type technology we are, and how some of what makes up the Millennium Falcon may never even be possible because we are so far away from having anything like it.

Take for example the Hyperdrive Generator in the Millennium Falcon which allowed the ship to jump to light speed. According to NASA we are very far away from being able to achieve this, and it is just imaginary for us at the moment.