What Type of Driver are you?

13th May 2016

How motorists respond to unexpected challenges on the road can provide great insight into the effect our personalities have on each other’s driving, and help to build strategies for a safer network.

From pedal-to-the-metal know-it-all, to the timid Sunday driver, a recent study makes a formality of something most drivers do intuitively: it categorizes us into distinct ‘types’.

Notably, the most prevalent driving types tend towards self-belief – whether you shout abuse at those who cut you up, or process your frustrations philosophically, the problem is always with the other guy. But however you vent, the point remains that you are venting outwards – and potentially neglecting your own performance.

This new infographic makes it easier than ever to see where you fit into the bigger picture. Are you a dangerous Road Hog, or merely an Angry Driving Instructor? A cool Zen Master – or an over-cautious Slow Coach?

It all depends on the route you choose through the categorizing flowchart. Most importantly, once you’ve found your ‘kind’, there are steps to be taken to improve your highway etiquette. Road Hogs should consider the way in which their frustration with traffic jams or bad drivers is making their own driving more erratic and dangerous. At the other end of the spectrum, over-cautious drivers can also be a road hazard – and just as vulnerable to fines and penalty points as their boy-racer nemeses.

Even if you come out on top of the pile as a Road Master, doesn’t mean you should sit back and complacently enjoy the ride. For a start, you could always use some statistical data to make sure your self-image lives up to reality – try downloading the Dash app to get an objective picture of your driving habits.

Anyone who finds themselves in the ‘getting it more or less right’ categories could also consider taking an advanced course, as some insurance companies will reflect your proven prowess with reduced premiums. So be sure to study the infographic for a clearer view on where you fit in to the community of the roads – and how you can look out for your fellow drivers.

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