Existing Customers

Greenlight Credit Limited trading as Varooma is NO LONGER accepting applications for new loans or acting as a credit broker or providing new funding to existing customers.

At Varooma we understand unexpected bills and circumstances can affect your income and outgoings and we are here to support you when things change.

We offer different forbearance options which can be put in place for long or short term support, including :

  • Payment Deferrals
  • Reduced Payment Plans
  • Rescheduled Payments
  • Sale By Agreement
  • Reduced Settlements

Some of the above options may require us to reassess the affordability and sustainability of the option, for example reduced payment plans to ensure they will be affordable and we will ask you to complete an Income and Expenditure Form . You can call us on 0330 440 0101, option 2  to complete one over the phone or you can download one here.

You can also download a Microsoft Word version of the Income and Expenditure Form here or a pdf version here.

If the form is completed, you will need to send it back to customerservice@varooma.com to be reviewed. After sending back via email, we will need to discuss with you so please confirm if you would prefer email responses or a quick telephone call. In some circumstances we may also require bank statements and further proofs to ensure the forbearance option given will be suitable on a longer term basis.

We understand that telephones call are not suitable for all customers. You can also email us at customerservice@varooma.com  to discuss your account and the options available to you. All emails sent to this inbox will be responded too within 1 working day.

Forbearance options are to ensure no further detriment is put on you or your account.

Putting forbearance options in place will not put any adverse information on your credit file. If the loan term is extended , this may reflect on your credit file depending on the credit reporting agency used, but will not be reported as a adverse action.  If you ever wish to discuss the information reported on your credit file, please email complaints@varooma.com where our compliance department will look into this for you.

At Varooma we are trained to support customers with all different circumstances and will work with you to find the best option that suits your circumstance.

If you have other creditors or need advise about your financial situation or mental health, please look at the following links:


StepChange Debt Charity


Reminder: our contact details are 0330 440 0101, Option 2 or customerservice@varooma.com