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Varooma's logbook loan contracts start from 12 months to a maximum term of 36 months. You are entitled to settle your loan early and there are no penalties or charges to do so.

The maximum APR is 190.3% which includes all fees associated with your loan contract.

In the event there is no willingness to repay your loan, the vehicle you are using as security could be at risk of being repossessed and sold to assist in settling the debt.

Logbook Loans in Liverpool

One of the best ways to raise money in Liverpool is through a logbook loan from Varooma. Once you have applied for a loan you can receive the money on the same day.

To be eligible for a loan you need to have a vehicle that is free from finance and have a regular income. Many people looking for logbook loans in Liverpool use their main car for the loan. You are able to continue driving and most of the time use the car as usual.


Making an application

You can apply via our website or call us to make an application where we will run through an affordability check and make sure you are able to take out a loan with us.

our Liverpool logbook loans we are able to accept people who are self-employed. As long as you are able to show us that you have a regular income through bank statements or payslips, we could offer you a loan.

Finalising your loan

Once your initial loan application has been approved, one of our representatives will visit you at your home or meet you somewhere that is convenient for you. This is where you will sign your loan documents and we will check your car. When this is completed, your money will be transferred to you straight away.

In many cases the loan can be completed on the same day you make your application, so you can be assured of a fast service.

About Liverpool

city of Liverpool is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK with a tremendous amount of history. The economy in Liverpool is improving, as the north tries to build and compete with London and the south east of England.

In recent years the number of businesses starting up in Liverpool has increased to a greater degree than it has for a number of years, however it is still just below the national average. Since 2004 the productivity of the city has seen a marked improvement and it’s productivity growth is higher than the rest of the UK.


Liverpool has a significant number of museums and compares well with many cities in Europe for it’s cultural attractions. From the Museum of Liverpool and the World Museum to the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, the city has much to offer those looking for a combination of culture and entertainment.

The people

Liverpool has been named as the world’s fourth friendliest city by readers of the Rough Guide. This is possibly due to the historically eclectic nature of the city, with people from around the world making Liverpool their home.

The Port of Liverpool

Liverpool’s port was an extremely important commercial port when Britain was at the height of empire and it played an important role in Britain’s growth as a major world power. It is still important today and was given UNESCO status for it’s “outstanding universal value”.

The port area has been preserved, and in some areas redeveloped to help drive the economy of the city by changing uses and bringing the area up to date. This has been completed within the framework of preserving the historical aspects of the port.

Facts about Liverpool

  • Liverpool is the fourth largest British city.
  • More pop artists from Liverpool have had a number one in the UK charts than anywhere else.
  • The population of Liverpool was 466,415 in the last census.
  • The most Grade II listed buildings outside London are in Liverpool.
  • Liverpool Cathedral is the largest in the UK.
  • Responsible Lending

    We assess all applications carefully and only offer loans to people we believe can afford to pay them back and never guarantee approval.


Amount of Loan £1000.00. Repayable by 12 monthly repayments of £141.67 or 52 weekly repayments of £32.69
commencing 1 month from the date of the loan. Total Amount Repayable £1700.04.

Rate of Interest 70% per annum flat fixed. Representative 190.3% APR.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help or advice please go to